The care with which you treat your jewellery will greatly affect the finish and length of time it will last. Treated properly, it will last you a lifetime. Store carefully, wrapped in tissue or a soft cloth to keep polished surfaces shiny and scratch-free. Avoid wearing pieces while using harsh chemicals, spraying perfume or washing the dishes; avoid scrapes and knocks and clean carefully. If any doubt, just ask me (or your local jeweller).

Silver tarnishes over time. To keep this at bay and your pieces looking lovely and new, regularly buff the surfaces with a polishing cloth. For heavily tarnished silver, a dip can be used - but be sure to follow the instructions on the jar as some are stronger than others. Gold plated pieces can be polished gently with an untreated soft cloth. Plated pieces are likely to need refinishing in the future to keep them looking brand new although this is very much dependant on wear, care and storage.

Should it be required at any point, I offer cleaning, repolishing and replating services for a small fee.